Fleas Prevention Chemical or Natural

fleas foggerThere is nothing as embarrassing as inviting guests over to your house and have them treated to a show of jumping insects on the sofa and carpet. Fleas can easily infest your home if you have a pet. For instance, your dog can go to play outside and get back into the house full of these hopping insects. The insects will then be transferred to your sofa and carpet. They can even get onto your bed. While it is possible to control the infestation, you should consider flea prevention – chemical & natural.

Learning how to identify fleas is the key to controlling an infestation. These insects do not have any wings, and they have longer hind legs compared to front legs. They are dark brown in color with a hard body. From the back to the front, these insects are about an eighth of an inch. While they may not be able to fly, they can jump onto the host.

When you notice fleas in your home, it is important to act fast to control the infestation. This is because fleas can breed pretty fast. From the time they get into your house, they can multiply to thousands in a matter of weeks.


naturalThe easiest way of preventing fleas from getting into your home is to wash your pets on a regular basis. Furthermore, you need to water the lawn and mow it regularly to maintain a healthy grass height. Hedges and scrubs should also be trimmed back on a regular basis. These landscape maintenance procedures will go a long way in preventing a serious infestation.

While fleas are able to spread diseases, such as tapeworm infestation and spread plaque from wild animals, they are generally harmless to human beings. Furthermore, they prefer animals to humans. However, they often bite and feed on humans, and this may leave red marks on your skin. You may also feel itchy all the time as a result.


chemicalThere are many products out there that can help you to get rid of fleas in your yard as well as inside your home. Some of these products are made from chemical ingredients while others are made from natural ingredients. Whatever the case, you should follow the directions provided by the manufacturer to ensure you get the best results possible.

To get rid of fleas that are already in your home, consider using best flea fogger. These are insect growth regulators meant for controlling fleas. You should treat carpets, baseboards and upholstery with this product. Be sure to also treat your pet with a pesticide obtained from a vet supplies store.

There are insect growth regulators for indoor and outdoor use. To ensure fleas do not reproduce and multiply in your yard, consider treating the grass on your lawn as well as the surrounding trees to kill the insects and ensure they do not multiply. There are also a wide range of repellents that you can use on your body to prevent these insects from feeding on you.